Brisbane - State of Origin Game

Attending this game was an experience. We were guests of Brisbane Bronco Booster, Tony Joseph, in a corporate skybox on what would be in American football the fifty-yard line. After a first half that was lethargic at best Queensland prevailed in a stirring second comeback. The collisions in this game were unreal. Once again a series of car crashes is the only way to describe this. It is really amazing to me that these players can recover sufficiently to play week after week. It is very inspirational to have 52,000 people proudly singing their national anthem!


At 5/23/07, 7:48 PM, Anonymous John said...

i sort of stumbled on your blog when i did a google search to read what the sports columns had to say about the game last night.

i always love to see foreigners take on our sport, rugby league.

for anyone who'd care to watch, below is a little youtube clip from last year's tri-nations rugby league series (australia, new zealand, england). its probably the best illustration of how physical a game rugby league is.


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