Australia Day Five

“ . . . a certified Muscle Activation Technique Specialist . . . ” Saw this on an announcement I received for a seminar under someone's qualifications. Does that mean we need a muscle deactivation specialist? This is precisely the type of ridiculous certifications and credentials that confuse everyone. It is about the body, gravity and the ground and getting them all working together.

I spent the afternoon with the diving coaches yesterday, it was very educational. Great coaching, focused on cues that could be communicated to the divers. Two coaches, two divers, very specific! Two very different divers, individuals styles carefully considered. Did a session with Field Hockey in the evening. Fun to work directly with the athletes. Today I teach the Speed to the Max workshop to the coaches. At the end of the day get to meet with Denis Knowles and Dani Samuels. Dani is the World Junior Champion in the Discus, also a very accomplished basketball player. Should be fun.
G Day Mates


At 5/17/07, 5:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muscular Activation Technique....is that any different than Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Techniques by Leon Chaitow.

How is it functional?



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