I arrived in Brisbane yesterday. I am staying in a apartment htel overlooking the Brisbane River. Beautiful view. (Pictures later) Spending the next couple of days with the Brisbane Broncos Rugby league team, hosted by my friend Dean Benton, the performance director. This should be a great learning experience. I will be catching up with many old friends here. Tonight I will be going to the State of Origin game, between New South Wales and Queensland. This game is a scene, a happening, an intense rivalry. The players are all stars selected to play in the game.


At 5/23/07, 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Gambetta,
I'm going to ask a naive question. I was reading in your book Athletic Development in the chapter about energy and work capacity the section entitled Extensive Tempo Intervals, it says that this type of work should be the focus of several sports including basketball. Within the first paragraph it says the simplest extensive interval workout is repeated 100 meter runs. My question is, for basketabll would it be more applicable to limit the distance sprinting to the length of the court as that woudl be the longest distance they will ever run during a game? If you would rather, you can answer this via email. My email address is move.beyond@hotmail.com

Thank you for fielding such a humble question.
Jonathan Hewitt ATC

PS I thoroughly enjoy your blog including past blogs.


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