Sustained Excellence Presentation

Thought you might be intersted in the outline of a talk on Sustained Excellence I gave to tthe NSWIS on Friday.

Sustained Excellence

Building a Championship Organization

Vern Gambetta

Gambetta Sports Training Systems

Excellence is admirable – Sustained Excellence is the Standard

A Champion is something you have been and can become – it is never something you are


Bjorn Daehlie – Cross Country Skiing

Michael Jordan – Basketball

Edwin Moses – 400m Hurdles


New England Patriots

University of North Carolina Women’s Soccer

“I believe ability can get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” John Wooden

Tiger Woods – The Growth Mindset

Self Confidence – the courage to grow, welcome change and be open to new ideas

It’s the system stupid!

Is good enough, good enough?


Trying to repeat what you did before

Must move on and find better ways

Managing & Handling Change – Change as a constant

Learn form the Past

Learn from mistakes

Build upon and use tradition – do not be bound by it

Concepts from Good to Great by Jim Collins

Disciplined People

Disciplined Thought

Disciplined Action

#1 – First who – then what

#2 – Confront the brutal facts and never lose faith`

#3 - A culture of discipline

#4 – Use technology as an accelerator not a centerpiece

#5 – Good to great does not happen overnight, it is a process

Strong leadership – The Total Team

Growth minded leadership – a guide not a judge




Big Picture Thinkers

Focus on effort and preparation and the results will follow

Set standards high and give them tools to achieve the high standard

Talent – Without talent winning is almost impossible, that being said what “talent” is must be reframed

Constant self-evaluation – Finding a better ways

Clear vision of the finished product

Role of analytics

Is what you are doing measurable and repeatable?

“Walking the Stairway”

Success comes one step at a time


At 5/19/07, 11:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vern, it's brilliant to see "Good to Great" make your presentation! Talk about a book that can knock your socks off and make you shout with joy. I also would like to hear more on your thoughts of the growth mindset. I think it's a huge tool to anyone training towards a goal. I am my program's recruiter and it is something I am starting to look for more and more! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Laura


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