More Variation

Absolutely variation is part of Progression. It should be planned. Good systematic variation allows continued adaptation. In order to,optimize variation it is necessary to closely monitor training. It is necessary to be there and see how the athlete responds to the stress. Another thought is that variation must be built into the individual training session. It is very easy to become stagnant and do everything in the same order all the time. Systematically change things up.


At 1/8/08, 8:06 AM, Anonymous Coach said...

Along these lines, I work hard to vary the workouts yet allow for some accomadation to new exercises. I often ask my athletes after our workouts if they are sore and where for some feedback. How important is this feedback..is soreness a good indicator at all???


At 1/8/08, 9:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is important to not just change for the sake of change as some do. Have a plan and a reason.

Mark Day


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