Fundamental Rules of Athletic Development

The Fundamental Rules of Athletic Development are:

Train Linkage - The body is a link system. Movement occurs from toe nails to finger nails. Reinforce the connection of the links at every opportunity.

Think & Train the Big Picture - Training is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. If you do not know what the completed puzzle looks like then it is impossible to know where the pieces fit. To build the complete athletes never lose sight of the big picture!

Spectrum Train- All the physical capacities that we train occur across a spectrum to effectively train any of the physical proprieties the whole spectrum of each capacity must be training.

Know the Sport - You must thoroughly understand the sport you are training for. It is imperative to know the physical demands and the basic movements in order to effectively prepare the athletes for those demands.

Know the Athletes - Each athlete brings unique qualities to their sport. Know those qualities and help the athlete fir those qualities to the sport.

Context is everything! - Everything you do in training must be in context of the plan, the sport and the athlete. Training out of context is not effective training.


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