Lessons Learned and Affirmed in 2007

Here are few thoughts and lessons learned and affirmed in 2007. It was a year of growth and change for me as I turned the page on another chapter of my career. I want to thank all of you for your support and ideas in 07,all the best for a healthy and happy New Year.

Bo Didley once said, "I opened the door for a lot of people, and they just ran through and left me holding the knob." I certainly can relate.

Andrew S. Grove, the co-founder of Intel, put it well in 2005 when he told an interviewer from Fortune, “When everybody knows that something is so, it means that nobody knows nothin’.” In other words, it becomes nearly impossible to look beyond what you know and think outside the box you’ve built around yourself. Original ideas?” Cloning is alive and well – where is the fresh thinking and original ideas. You definitely cannot innovate by imitating the status quo.

If you have a criticism go ahead and criticize, but also offer a possible answer or a solution.

Read as much as possible and hang out with smart people.

Training takes times, it is not a two hour a day proposition, it is a lifestyle.

Those who label themselves as strength coaches and never leave the weight room produce athletes who are adapted to the weight room, not adapted to the game.

Pioneers get all the arrows.

You have to be true to your beliefs no matter how uncomfortable and unprofitable.

The Internet rocks! – There is great information and resources available.

The Internet sucks! – There is too much junk and vitriol that is instantly accessible.

You can’t let the fox guard the chicken coop –look what happened in Major League Baseball.

Professional sport is primarily entertainment not sport. The WWF model will become even more prevalent.

Multitasking does not work; you just do many things poorly. Focus, Focus, Focus!

The body is not a machine and the brain is not a computer – the body is a self-organizing system that is highly adaptable. It is very intelligent. It is very good at solving complex movement problems if we let it go.


At 12/31/07, 10:13 AM, Blogger Chris said...


Thanks for all your work on this blog in the past year - inspiring and informative - and all the best for 2008.


At 1/1/08, 2:16 AM, Anonymous Lisa Beals said...

I have never posted before but read your blog frequently.....very informative and always inspiring.

Here's wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.

Lisa Beals


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