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Work on fascia and it’s role in the body has traditionally been placed in “Alternative Medicine” so it was good to see that there has actually been a scientific congress First International Fascia Research Congress to discuss the science of fascia.The following is from the Scientific American Website.

Rolfer discusses research about fascia

From docartemis's Blog RSS Dec 20, 2007

A few weeks ago I saw a piece on the Science magazine website about Robert Schleip, PhD of the University of Ulm in Germany, which caught my interest because after many years as a rolfing practitioner he went back and earned a PhD in Biology so that he could explore what is really going on during bodywork like rolfing.

He recently participated in the First International Fascia Research Congress, which was held a Harvard in October of 2007. One of the discoveries discussed was that fascia contains myofascial cells with contractile properties similar to those of smooth muscle. This has number of clinical and research implications.

I interviewed Robert for an episode of my podcast, Books and Ideas, which
I just posted today. Here is a link to the shownotes: http://booksandideas.wordpress.com/2007/12/20/


At 12/23/07, 3:49 PM, Blogger Joe P. said...

Great topic Vern. It helps legitimize the functional path. I find it interesting that Schleip mentioned the "emotional" aspects of myofascial release. When I first began taking MF release courses, I found the focus on that a big turn off. That, and "myofascial mapping". Fascia is an important, neglected piece of the puzzle, but I hope we don't venture down the wrong path with it into the metaphysical (remember cranial-sacral therapy?). Got to go get my le chun mojoed for Navidad.

At 12/23/07, 7:05 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Thanks for highlighting this - fascinating. I've recently been reading Thomas Myers work on Anatomy Trains and it is very interesting.

On the subject of functional training for soccer, I have just seen this:

Sprint vs interval training for football (soccer)


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