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I have been unable to post on the blog or even read the comments do to a severe computer meltdown and inability to access a suitable computer while I was traveling this past week. It goes without saying that when I read the comments this morning that I was upset and disappointed at the personal attacks and the upsetting nature of some of the comments. If this continues I will close the blog to comments, that will be a shame. I also want to repeat again I will delete anonymous comments, if you don’t sign you full name I will delete the comment. The last thing I want to do each day is act as a moderator or a babysitter to personal attacks and childish arguments. I post to educate and provoke but very little is of a life or death nature. Lets think before we write. I encourage everyone who comes onto the blog to read the introduction to get a feeling for the mission of this blog. This is not a list serve discussion group or forum, there are plenty of those sites available. I want to share ideas and


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