I abhor labels. What do I mean? Here it is – he is functional guy, he is a dysfunctional guy, crossfit guy, no fit guy, hit guy, miss guy, Olympic lifting guy – What do all these things mean? To me it is plain and simple stereotyping. You hang a label on someone without really finding out what they are about. Not only is it unfair and unjust, it is wrong. Have I done this? Sure, but it is something I am working hard to get away from. Most of the time the labels are not accurate, instead of labeling someone find out their core beliefs, why do they believe what they believe? In fact is that what they believe or was that a label or an opinion passed on by someone else? Who taught them? What is their experience? Have you actually seen someone work and coach or is it just hearsay? With the plethora of internet list serve discussion groups this has been all too prevalent. I know as I look back over the year at times I have been too quick to judge and label. The end result was a shut down of any possible communication and certainly missed opportunities for learning and growth. Now I try to be more thorough in evaluating the message and not confusing the messenger with the message


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