Evaluating Crossfit

I plan on thoroughly evaluating the Crossfit program when I get time after the New Year. I have some pretty strict criteria that I use when I evaluate programs (including my own). I will use those criteria to evaluate it. In another post I will share those criteria.


At 12/3/07, 2:05 PM, Blogger bk said...

I look forward to seeing your evaluation of Crossfit! Thanks so much for sharing your years of exprience with all of us readers.


At 12/5/07, 7:09 AM, Blogger power enterprises inc said...

I am very interested in your evaluation. As a coach I am sick and tired of this new trend in conditioning, were you haven't worked unless you are dead. I am especially interested in your evaluation of the crossfit scaliblity. My opinion is it is a system for light weight short limbed individuals and had limited if any ability to be scaled up or down as necessary.


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