False Prophets Bearing Gifts

I received this from a friend of mine yesterday. This certainly is in concert with my rants about the perils of the Internet. The bottom line is that you still have to do your homework. You need to know exactly what you are looking for. Do not relay on one source. The problem that he is facing is that the coaches do a quick Google search and now think they have the answer as to how to condition their athletes. Instant information is not the answer!

So, I looked up XYZ and weighted ball throwing...here is the problem, the
internet has no filter. With a good marketing team and nobody checking
outrageous claims and disinformation a coach is bombarded with poor information.
Just type in "weighted ball throwing injuries" into Google and all you will get
are ads supporting the concept and defending it against claims that it is
detrimental. When I first typed it in, I went through four pages of links and
not one had good information. How many coaches do you think go beyond this to
find training ideas!! It is the blind leading the blind. Even XYZ has a
website that still makes outrageous claims on performance enhancement through
his program. I believe I saw a special on Real Sports on HBO on him and how no
major league team will touch him with a ten foot poll. Hey, but a few coaches
doing a quick Google search and we get into the trouble we are in. I am not
holding back anymore, I am going to bombard coaches with accurate literature and
call out anyone who does not have their athletes in here, We have too good of a
staff to be wasting our time here. VIVE LE REVOLUTION!!!


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