Style or Substance

The following from Tom Peters blog speaks volumes about today’s world. It is not about substance and results it is about hype and marketing. This reminds of the gurus we have in the performance field!

"You're fired"?

A $10,000 investment in "Mr Trump's empire" in 1994 when it went public would result in a valuation of $636 today. (Source: NY Times/Business Day 0706.2007)


Tom Peters posted this on 07/09.
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At 7/11/07, 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I draw a correlation to the words post. Gym goes approach us with this hype "I want to get more toned" "I want to train my core" It can be very difficult to explain that tone is not a vision but a sound. And core is a principle not muscles. Functional I believe is a lot more than just physical exercise it's a narrow path back to optimal health.

I feel people hide behind words and apparatus due to these trends and they never get the help they truly need.

"Over night success comes after a decade of laying the foundation through intense study and thought"

At 7/12/07, 5:10 PM, Blogger Joe P. said...

No surprise to me. Back in the 80's, a banking corporation named "City Federal Savings" here in NJ went out of business when Trump defaulted on his loans. Linden Airport (where he kept his fleet of helicopters) had to sell most of its assets when he stopped paying his bills. Atkins autopsy reveled obesity & coronary artery disease. I remind all blog readers to go to Vern's web site to upgrade your BS detectors to version 2.0 immediately.


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