Juan Carlos Osorio – Head Coach Chicago Fire

I am so excited and happy, there are not words to express how I feel. My good friend and professional colleague Juan Osorio was named Head Coach of the Chicago Fire in the MLS. I cannot think of anyone more deserving or anyone who has paid his dues to be able to coach at this level than Juan. When I first met Juan ten years he told me his goal was to be a head coach in the MLS. At that time he was coaching semipro soccer in the parks in New York City. I must say that in my professional career I have seldom met anyone as determined to be the best he can be as Juan. He came to the US not speaking a word of English so he memorized ten words a day out of the dictionary until he learned the language. He took a year out and went to England to earn a masters Degree in the Science of Football from Liverpool John Moores University. During that year he traveled all over Europe to study the methods of all the top teams. He also has earned his UEFA A License and the highest FA Coaching license. He came back to the US and was an assistant with the Metro Stars and then took the job a job as fitness coach and eventually assistant coach with Manchester City in the English Premier League. This last year he returned to his native Columbia to coach Millionarios to a fourth place finish and a spot in the playoffs for the spring season. He coaches an attractive style of soccer. I am sure that if Juan is given the time he will have a great positive impact on the Fire and a great impact on the league. This is what US Soccer needs, more people like Juan who truly know the international game from a coaching and a physical preparation perspective. For all you young coaches out there this is an example of the way to do it. You must climb the ladder and pay your dues. Juan did not suck up to anyone or kiss any butt, he worked to make himself so good that no one could ignore him!


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Destined to be a true legend. Anyone who has ever met Jaun cannot have in any way NOT been impacted by his desire to be the best and learn as much as possible. Definately an inspiration and testament to having a vision and goal for one's life.


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