The Sandbag

What is the big deal about a sandbag? I have been using sandbags for over thirty years. I just happen to have acquired some of the fancy bags (way overpriced) but you do not need them. Fill an inner tube with sand, that works just fine. Once gain it is not about the sandbag or the drill, it is when you use them, and how you use them. For us right now this is the perfect resistance. It allows the ability to incorporate maximum power training and ding up the gym floor. Frankly right now I would rather be in the weight room for a couple of weeks but there is a conflict with another team so we need to adapt.


At 6/28/07, 7:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sandbags, similar to kettlebells, are great tools that have been bastardized by guru's in the industry. Like Vern said with the inner tube, sandbags can just as easily made with a burlap sack, some ziplock bags and sand?

Colin Cooley

At 6/28/07, 3:34 PM, Blogger power enterprises inc said...

I couldn't agree more. Coaches are so caught up in the implement, and not its application. I have a friend that owns a equipment buisness and keeps getting calls from guys wanting kettlebells for non competition use that are weighted in kilos and not pounds!!


At 6/29/07, 9:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is all about implements. At my university, we have nice fancy equipments. Our athletes are able to put more effort and get a better workout with workout bags than some tire tubes will with sands.



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