The Choice - Adapted or Adaptable

My colleague Steve Myrland came up the idea about the body being adapted or adaptable in response to training. It is a brilliant concept that demands a bit of explanation. Too much of what I see in training today results in bodies that are simply adapted to the specific type of work imposed upon the body. Performance demands bodies that that are adaptable to the demands of the sport. That is a much broader connotation that demands attention to the big picture. It seems to me in designing and implementing a training program the ultimate is to have a program that results in bodies that are completely adaptable. Adapted bodies are more prone to injury and will reach their performance limitations sooner. An adaptable body is the result of multifaceted training that covers a spectrum of activities designed to prepare the body for all aspects of the sport. The adaptable athlete body will have few limitations. Biased one sided training results in adapted bodies, multifaceted training results in adaptable bodies. What kind of body are you producing?


At 6/21/07, 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Adapted = Sport Specific Training

Adaptable = Broarder Training

Broarder Training gearing for Sport Specific Training...is this a fair assessment?



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