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Is there anyone out there that can provide a reference regarding the origin of the word core in the context it is used today referring to the body? I am preparing a presentation for a sports medicine conference next fall and I want to be accurate in my historical portrayal of the origins of the term. So far I can trace it back to a book by Gajda and Dominguez published in 1983 called Total Body Training. There is no reference to the term in Palates, Feldenkrais, dance or gymnastics. Martial arts have the term chi or ki but it is a slightly different concept. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


At 6/21/07, 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try John V. Basmajian "Muscles Alive." I believe is was published lates 70's early 80's.

Colin Cooley

At 6/21/07, 11:25 AM, Anonymous tlanger said...


I'd also look into Ida Rolf, because her pioneering method revolves around the "core" and the "sleeve" and in all likelihood she borrowed the concept from her interests in Osteopathic medicine, Alexander Method (came before Feldenkrais/Pilates), and/or Yoga….

Todd Langer

At 6/21/07, 11:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe Yoga has been around a lot longer than any names that have been mentioned.


At 6/21/07, 3:08 PM, Blogger Ray said...


I remember a PT in NYC coining that term in a book she wrote. I met the Gajda's in Chicago in the late 80's talking about "core" term. My background is PT, ATC, and Feldenkrais (R) Practitioner. I her the term used by Pilates more. There is a movement that got popular in the mid 90 in PT "core stabilization". I hope that helps! Rayburnscfp@gmail.com

At 6/21/07, 5:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

People always ask me "you do yoga" I say yes I incorporate stretching into my exercise program, other than that it does not make sense to me. Am I missing something???

At 6/22/07, 8:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes...you are. Yoga isn't just stretching!!!


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