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Anonymous wrote the following in reply to my previous post on periodization: I realize that I it's impossible to "periodize" to the extent the eastern Europeans did, but Bompa defined Periodization as "a process of structuring training into phases". Isn't that still the basic idea?!

No, not really. I am not sure it ever was the idea. Just dividing training into phases is easy, that is not periodization that is one aspect of periodization. That is where everyone is missing the point. It is not about time, it is about timing. It is what you do when. I prefer to call it Planned Performance Training, I think changing terms gets us away from this fixation on time and refocuses the emphasis to timing of the application of the various training stresses and the subsequent interaction of the various stresses and then the adaptation to those stresses. Kenneth Graham, Sport scientist at New South Wales Academy of Sport, put it quite well in a conversation with me. He said that it is important to always be close to the event in some form, neural, metabolic, mechanical, or hormonal. At the risk of shameless self promotion I refer you to chapters five and six of my book Athletic Development – The Art & Science of Functional Sports Conditioning at http://www.gambetta.com In those chapters There are many ideas and thoughts that reflect my experiences in dealing with these issues during my years of coaching and also my time training as an athlete. There really is not of complexity when you get to the essence of it. It is: know the athletes, know the sport, know the competitive schedule. Factor all of this together into a sound roadmap and have a good compass, because in any journey there are always times when you are off course.


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This discussion is comparable to time based "protocols"we come across far too often in rehab.

Progress in anything should be based on meeting criteria. In my humble opinion, time passing should be irrelevant to progressing.

Case in point, how are the public schools working with age based promotion?

Thanks for the stimulating blogs!
Jeff W

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Great Discussion, Vern!!

What is your experience with "Supercompensation" in training. Do you include this in Planned Performance Training?? Maybe I'll have to dish out the bucks for your book soon. Thanks.


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Again it sounds like the idea of peaking has been placed in a box. What if you can peak multiple times within a season/year? When seasons are becoming longer and longer this is becoming more prevalent. Also tak into consideration the context or big picture Vern keeps talking about. With a young team maybe the "peak shouldn't occur until 3 years from now when they are seniors in high school? Does that mean they can't do well the other years or may even peak early and win the state championship a year earlier? Of course not but without a plan there will be a peak but just shy of their full potential either as a team or individual.

Jonathan Hewitt ATC


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