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I have posted on this most important concept many time, but here goes another shot. It is always all about context. The discussion on the squat brings this to the fore. It is not about the squat, or any exercise for that matter. It is the context that exercise is used and applied. That is my number one rule of thumb when designing training. I learned some cool exercises at the Level III coaching school, but I have to have a cooling off period to decide if they apply and when they apply to my system of training. Do not ever forget context!


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I agree context is everything, but is this not the reason to train "functional" movement patterns or in other words a full squat encompasses the "mini squat" and thus, it's a great remedial movement. Your body is pre-programmed with "basic patterns" of motor control with a relative timing sequence, or rate at which body segments move relative to one another, which allows them to be easily modified in countless ways, but the same carryover can’t be said about training a sport specific “mini squat”…just thinking out loud….

Todd Langer


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