Survive or Thrive – That is the question?

The other day I was watching a swimming workout. There were six or eight world class swimmers and about twenty national class swimmers. While watching the workout I was struck with the thought – How many of the swimmers are surviving the workout to come back and swim again for the next workout and how many are thriving on the workout? The world class group was OK but what about the others? I think this is a fair question to ask when you have group training. I am always concerned about how the individual is going to react in a group training situation. I know I have that everyday I work with volleyball, this summer I have had up to forty girls by myself, and someone or something will always fall between the cracks. Ideally I would like to see everyone thrive on the workout and achieve positive adaptations but that is easier said than done. Addressing individual needs in a group context is always important, but difficult.


At 7/16/07, 10:33 PM, Blogger Peter said...

I like to think in terms of the 1 week cycle - not the one session, when training my triathletes.

In other words I would rather use the term..."Survive to Thrive"

Get through the session so you can back up and add 7 days together. Thats when you get real benefits.


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