Words Into Images, Images Into Action

Here are three words that I feel should be eliminated from the lexicon of training. If you eliminate something then you should replace it with something better, in this case I have carefully selected terms that more accurately describe the ultimate desired action. I was taught a long time ago that words create images in the mind, and that those images are then transferred into action. Therefore we should be exacting and accurate in the words we select.

Strength & Conditioning

Replace it with Athletic Development, this creates an image of athleticism and a blending of all components of performance not just two components.


Replace it with Planned Performance Training, because it is about timing of the development of the components of training and the subsequent adaptation to those components.


Replace it with Remedial; every athlete needs certain remedial work to prevent injury and to correct certain deficiencies. That work is remedial because it precedes more complex work to follow.


At 7/8/07, 2:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how do you develop Athleticism with out strength training?

At 7/8/07, 8:42 AM, Anonymous L Munger, Texas said...

Changing the words used in Athletic Development may be the answer, but it is my personal belief the remedial is not a great word to use. Maybe you don't like the word prehab and I am really not a big fan either, but to me remedial has some negative thoughts attached to it and we are looking for improvement. Words I associate with thoughts on prehab are Movement Prep or simply Dynamic Warm-up because that is what I believe prehab exercises are. What are your thought on those words in reference to prehab.

At 7/8/07, 9:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I prefer simplifying even more. 1)Athletic Development and 2) Planned Performance Training are perfect. Athletic Development when evaluated and executed properly should have components of "remedial, prehab, etc" in it. PPT accounts for temporal purposes.

Just like "prehab" implies that an injury is forthcoming, "remedial" to me implies that someone is at a "lesser" stage somewhere along the movement spectrum. With proper evaluation, that should accomodated under the guise of their athletic development program.

Jeff W

At 7/8/07, 9:42 AM, Blogger Katie said...

It's not about the words, it is about the training. Who cares what you call it. It is about the actions you take to get the athletes where they need to be. Words are like brand names that gurus like to hold on to to promote their 'products.' The word remedial doesn't sound like training.

Texas Tech University

At 7/8/07, 3:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Texas - Tech - University; powerful words with pride! Is it just about schooling?

At 7/8/07, 10:01 PM, Blogger cwalker3 said...

Athletic development are excellent words. Maybe one of these phrases will become commonly stated.

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