Dirty Little Secret

Michael Rasmussen really let the cat out of the bag.All the dopers in elite sport have been playing the cat and mouse game with the pee police for years. They also know that there is no jeopardy for a missed test or even two. You just get a warning. So the method is to forget to tell your governing body where you are or where you will be. Load up, make sure you have a good chemist to keep testing you so and then let them know where are when you can test “clean.” This has truly become a roman circus.


At 7/26/07, 9:29 AM, Blogger The Iron Maven said...

The Chicken has officially been asked to leave the coop! It was interesting to watch him play with Contador and Leipheimer up the last climb, then blow by them at the 1 km kite.

One wonders if the Giro will test riders as aggressively as Le Tour. Given the number of high placers at the Giro who did not start in France, it makes me think the Giro is a much safer place for GC contendors and great climbers to play.


At 7/27/07, 6:40 AM, Anonymous Will Kirousis said...

This is a sad time for Cycling. Yet a good one. All the dopers getting caught may help get young riders to think twice before doping... Maybe... Hopefully.

Interestingly, Rabobank tossing Rasmussen for a lie about his whereabouts while never testing positive (doesnt = clean) is a vast difference from MLB allowing Barry B to keep playing despite all the "suspicion" around him.

That is about the closest thing to this situation in another sport that I can see.

The whole anti-doping system needs to be improved across all sports. But the culture of sports needs improving too.



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