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The new CD by Stephen Stills – Just Roll Tape is awesome. This was recorded on April 26, 1968. Here is what Stills says on the about the recording session: “ I was at a Judy Collins session in New York in 1968, and when she was finished, I peeled off a few hundreds for the engineer so I could make a tape of my new songs. Some you will know some you might not. The following fall we made the first CSN album, and the tape has been lost to the wind for almost 40 years. Somehow it’s found it’s way back, and these songs now feel like great friends when they were really young.” Stills wrote all the songs on the CD except Wooden Ships and Treetop Flyer. As a child of the Sixties this brings back many warm memories of great friends.


At 7/26/07, 12:04 PM, Blogger Joe P. said...

Did you read Rolling Stones "Summer of Love" issue Vern? CSN were Buffalo Springfield & the Byrds back then, of course. It was difinately a cool time for music. A lot of the great folk/rock clubs in NYC (bottom line,CBGB's,Max's Kanses City etc) opened up in that era. Sadly, they're all gone; replaced by generic clubs & theme restaurants. I'll stop, I think we're boring everybody.

At 7/31/07, 1:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my younger days I worked the Manassas sessions as an assistant recording engineer at Criteria Recording Studios in Miami. The 70's were great years for music. It's amazing to think about what might still be out there "outtake" reels.



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