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For the person that wrote in to say they were proud to be a muscle head, I am glad you are proud to be a muscle head. If you take the muscle head approach I would like to play your team everyday of the week! Some of the comments on my recent post have been almost absurd and in some ways surreal. Men, women, boys and girls it is not just about strength. It does not matter that Olympic lifters are the strongest athletes in the word,that is their world and their sport. Someone asked what is soccer strong? Soccer strong is the ability to hold off an opponent, win the 50/50 ball and win balls in the air. It has very little or nothing to do with how much you can clean. Strength is only one biomotor quality. And it interacts with all the other biomotor qualities to produce athletic performance. Whether or not people want to admit it there are injuries whose genesis is in the weight room. I am making a plea for sanity. It is really hard for me to believe that in 2007 with everything we know from sport science and good practice that all of this is still an issue.


At 7/25/07, 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that the qualities of "soccer strong" also require sport skill and desire of which desire may be the most important. I will take sport strong over sport skill much of the time. When an athlete has all 3 it is truly a beautiful thing to watch.

At 7/26/07, 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am right with you. Some of the comments about olympic lifting and their place in preparing a soccer player are totally absurd. It scares me to think that some of these people would be training soccer players. It is the same mentality that caused injury to the girl who injured her back when the university strength coach had her doing 1-rep max's.
I have heard several college soccer coaches in my area complain about this exact problem - their players being injured by too much time with the strength coach in the weight room (and worse doing olympic lifts the majority of the time in there).
As you said, I would hope sport science would resolve this issue. One would think that common sense alone would resolve it.


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