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Jill Gerber sent the following reply to my post from yesterday, she is right on:

Could there be another side to this phenomenon? It could be a productive discussion to look at how as a nation we are failing our children - poor to no PE programs in schools and no time to play unstructured and outside. Ultimately, we can't do much about parents. Where we can make a difference is in getting involved in local schools and offering expertise to help schools who don't have funding, the staff, or a clue. After school programs could be a place to start. (Vern Comment – I proposed this recently to a big national company but it was not sexy enough. I think it was to down and dirty and basic.)
Not to sound completely ignorant, but what are the professional organizations, NSCA included, doing to improve the physical health of our children through the education system. Do they have outreach programs in place to help schools develop and implement athletic development programs in the schools? (Vern Comment – No they all talk the talk the talk but do not walk the walk.)

Someone has to seize the initiative on this NOW. There are many kids who cannot afford commercial programs. The problem is getting worse day by day. When I flew out of Boston on Sunday there were two people on the plane that were to fat to walk!


At 7/24/07, 10:56 PM, Blogger JimBo said...

Ideally, we'd put a foot up the parents ass, except they are too big too get off the couch.
They expect the schools to raise their kids (I'm married to a teacher so I know all the crap) because they're too damn lazy to do their job. Gotta have a license to drive, but not to parent.
The teachers are worn out at the end of the day...why don't parents band together and teach after school programs? Schools won't sanction it, liability issues. I train 2 kids plus my own in my garage gym. No wait...let's cut out soda machines but feed them crap in the lunchroom.
When I was in school, you got PE 1 hour a day at least (mandatory) and when you got home got kicked out until dark thirty to play.
As a PT, the talk now is bariatric beds for traction, exercise, pools, for all the fat folks, and we're getting bigger (suggestion from an Orthopedic surgeon...sad). What a lazy nation we've become. Time to put a foot up butts and get with the program!!


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