Innovation or Imitation

Does claiming to have invented something or patenting something or copyrighting something make you an innovator? Are you an innovator when you copy other people’s ideas and methods and call them your own? My thoughts on this were stimulated yesterday when I got a press release entitled:

Mark Verstegen, Internationally Recognized Innovator and Leader in Sports Performance Trainer Media Tour

So I read on with great curiosity wishing to find out what this great innovator in performance had innovated. This is what blew me away: “Mark motivates through education and is the creator of what the public and industry refers to as "Core Training". The founder of Core Training is eager to educate and can set the record straight on what exactly is Core Training. Mark is available to speak on a variety of topics, bringing the awareness to consumers everywhere. “ After all these years of searching for the meaning of core training and trying to understand the origin of the term it was right there in front of me. Of course Mr. Verstegen created it. Wow! He even has a media tour to tell us about it. I wonder what all that stuff we were doing when he was in diapers was called? It could not have been core training because it had not been invented yet! This is so typical of where we are going today, marketing and hype.


At 7/18/07, 9:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charles Atlas !!
Jack La Lane !!
Mickie Hargatay !!

At 7/18/07, 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anthony Robbins!!
Bill Phillips!!
Bikram Choudhury!!
Joseph Pilates!!

"Cult leaders tell people what to believe, good successful leaders help people identify their own goals and passions"

At 7/18/07, 6:52 PM, Blogger Peter said...

ah -love your work Mr Gambetta!

Its like sports nutrition.....athletes didnt know how to eat until sports nutrition companies came along.

At 7/20/07, 9:12 AM, Anonymous tlanger said...


It's obvious he didn't invent core training and NO ONE did unless they were around when the human race became bipedal; however, he deserves respect for getting the topic so much coverage.....

Todd Langer

At 7/20/07, 10:09 AM, Anonymous Michael Boyle said...

I think Mark was the victim of two things. His own success which makes people jealous and a poorly written press release. I think the intent was to focus on the Core Performance system which Mark detailed in his three books. I don't think Mark has ever intended to claim to have invented Core Training. He is also too big a person to defend himself. I however don't mind a little internet dialogue.

At 7/20/07, 5:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how many $200 gyms he sells?

"no Mark (Brady) you don't need all of this - you can do this at home for $200" - give me a break

thoughts . . .

respect for the attention he gives core ... - that's just silly, really silly

victim? he BENEFITS from the press release!

poorly written? - his objectives will be met - see sales

didn't claim and too big to defend himself? - he did claim and besides he can't defend this "invention claim"

as with any successful (wealthy) person, the apologists line up ....

At 7/20/07, 9:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree with anon and thoughts

next thing we know he'll be back from Australia with a rugby fitness program ...

At 7/21/07, 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The amazing power anonymity.

At 7/21/07, 5:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


what power?


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