What is Coaching

Are coaching and personal training different? You better believe it is different. Training someone for a short period of time is not the same as the commitment to work with an athletes training for a year or a career and having to manage that training with all that comes with it. Coaching deals with all the variables. You can’t pop in and pop out on an hourly basis and be a coach.


At 4/10/07, 9:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personal Training = Count Reps, basic exercises, some gimmicks to bring back clients...More $$$$

Coaching = Teaching. No ones want to coach or teach the non-athletes. They all want to work with the athletic kids. So they can sit back and say, "Look at what i did with that athlete".

At 4/10/07, 10:03 PM, Blogger jbeyle said...

Agreed, but as I told an aspiring strength coach this past weekend, those "non-athletes" help you find out what kind of teacher/coach you truly are. If you can reach them and get them better, you have done something special!


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