$$$$ More Certification – Educational or Entrepreneurial?

Let me start by saying that I am all for education and knowledge. I feel even more strongly than I ever have that more certification does not mean more knowledge; in fact there are so many certifications now that it is confusing. Do we have more knowledge because of these certifications or do we have more information being passed around as knowledge. How many letters can you have after your name before they start being insignificant? When I see a twenty something with more that a degree and one certification after their name I get suspicious, have they been gathering information or seeking knowledge. Why do you have to be certified in an exercise technique or a piece f equipment? If your knowledge is based on sport science, grounded in a sound philosophy why do you need it. A method or a piece of equipment must be placed in context. Rather than add credibility it takes away credibility. The newest one I just saw last night is that you can be a core pole master trainer – what hell is a core pole and do you need to be a master trainer to use it? Here is another good one – online training expert – wow is that impressive. You can join the Personal Trainer business alliance; they even have a competency and ethics expert on board! Lets get real here and take a stand as professionals. Everyone must make a living, but are we duping the public by falsely inflating the knowledge base of these various certifications? Perhaps the competency and ethics expert should take a look at this. By the way PT means physical therapist not personal trainer. There is a difference.


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