Get Up, Get Out, Get Going

The more I reflect on the subject of yesterday’s post, the more realize the dimensions of the problem. Some way, some how there must be a revolution to change the patterns of behavior and get people to rethink their approach to fitness. I am convinced that this must be a grass roots revolution lead by leaders in individual communities. I am really not sure how to go about this, that is why I am throwing out this idea. There are certainly brighter, more innovative people out there than me who can get this going. Maybe we need to think of this like a virus, start small in your neighborhood and let it spread. One thing that I am convinced of is that throwing more money at the problem without a plan will have minimal impact.


At 4/4/07, 9:00 AM, Blogger Joe P. said...

Thanks for linking fitness & stress fractures. It's looked at as an overuse phenomenon, but most of the time it's too much too soon. Or, not enough variety (conditioning=distance running). Acquiring bone density is a tedious process; something that can't be addressed by a crash program.

At 4/4/07, 9:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Society - Supersize it please. Hey my kid broke his leg during gym class; I want someone held accountable to this...I'm suing!!!

Technology - Video games...wonder why an 11 year old has hip flexors problem.


At 4/4/07, 9:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Here is my thought...Don't be surprise to see college PE curriculum teaches student to dumb down the physical education. Why? Liability...risk of safety is more important...Cover your A**.

Hey kids...don't go on the monkey bars...don't run, jump and fun because your growth plates have not fully set yet.



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