Hotel California

You can check but you can never leave. This was the view outside my hotel window when I got up this morning. My heart is always in California.


At 3/27/07, 8:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While vacationing in Florida for spring break, I had a chance to observe minor league teams working out. What caught my attention was the conversation between a player and one of the strength coach/trainers. The trainer was commenting to one of the players who was running that they were lazy and did not know how to train; and stated "I can out run and conditioning anyone in this camp". By looking between the two, the trainer who has this Adonis physique and the portly pitcher/player, my buddy said, "twenty bucks...the trainer will out run this guy". To make the story short, Not only did the portly player out ran the Adonis physique strength coach, the player embarrassed the whole strength staff.
Vern can you explain to me why a portly player out ran a physically fit strength professional.


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