Reading through the comments on my posts on experience have stimulated to me think that along with the experience comes a certain wisdom that just is not there in the early years of ones career. I can’t help but think of Bill Bowerman, the great Oregon coach, when I first heard him speak in 1968. He was at that point in his career. What he was sharing with us was more than knowledge and experience, he was sharing with us his acquired wisdom. I also realize that is why I am so appreciative of someone like Joe Vigil. Perhaps the formula is Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom


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Building on those ideas, the role of the mentor(s) is key. Being able to spend time with those people whose combination of knowledge and experience (widom) leads them to know just what questions to ask or where to direct our attention is key.

Another thought is that athletic development is maybe about helping our athletes develop a certain kind of wisdom about their body, their training etc. That's where a coach is different than a trainer who just tells you what to do in the workout. It's like you have said, development is more than training. Love the blog and the wisdom that get's shared.

TIm Clark


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