Kenyon Wins another One!

Wow!! The Kenyon College men won their 28th consecutive team title in the 33rd annual NCAA Division III Men's Swimming and Diving Championships at the University of Houston's Campus Recreation and Wellness Center Natatorium. When I met with Coach Jim Steen at Christmas during their vacation training in Sarasota he was very doubtful they could pull it off again. Knowing his system and approach I reminded him that the champions are built in December and won in March – they did it without a dominant sprinter, which given the NCAA format is almost impossible. This performance put in the perspective of the adversity they had to overcome is a tremendous accomplishment. Congratulations to Jim and his coaching staff and the men on the swim – Great job!


At 3/19/07, 12:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coach Steen and staff do a great job in the whole process. As you would say Vern, Coach Steen has created an evironment that Champions are inevitable and in this case sustainable!

Kenyon 1988

At 3/21/07, 11:55 AM, Blogger Doug said...

I was a member of the first NCAA Championship team and have worked with Jim over the past 27 years to help continue the streak (he gave me his commemorative watch awarded to him by the NCAA upon winning his 20th), so I can say with certainty that you are right about him and that he is a genius, an incredibly hard worker and a person of great faith.

Doug Hoffer


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