Building the Athlete Piece by Piece

In order to build the complete athlete it takes time and a clear vision of the big picture. Once that is established then you can look at the pieces or components of the training. The analogy of a assembling a jig saw puzzle is a good analogy. When you take the puzzle out the box there are hundreds of pieces on the table in a completely random order. The reference is the picture of the completed puzzle on the cover of the box. Just like training you cannot force the pieces into places where they do not belong. You know where the pieces fit by constantly referencing the completed picture. The mistake too many people make in training the athlete is trying to force pieces to fit where they do not belong. Part of the cause of this is not having a good clear big picture of the finished product to reference. Yesterday in training the volleyball team two big pieces of the puzzle fit into place. We accomplished five times Dumbbell Complex and fives times half leg circuit. Now we are ready to add some of the early agility progression and to move to the next step in the jumping progressions. The reference point is the big picture of a championship female high volleyball player.


At 3/15/07, 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It can be very difficult trying to put 15 puzzles together at the same training session but unfortunately that is often the only option. It is invaulable having a great staff to assist the process and I include athletes that really enjoy the process, study it and help others during the session.


At 3/15/07, 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that puzzles are not simply put together just out of the blue.

You always have a picture to work with which serves as the goal when putting the pieces together.

Too often coaches forget to see the 'picture on the box' first. Can they produce good athletes? Sure, but it is much tougher to do so.


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