MVP Training Center - Baton Rouge

I spend four days last weekend at the MVP Training Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. MVP is owned and operated by a great group of physical therapists, BRPT-Lake. The group has been in existence for thirty plus years providing quality care. The MVP training center is their latest project. I work as a consultant to them to help with programs design and training of the staff. It is an exciting project that is part of a bigger project I am working on called the Gambetta Athletic Improvement Network (GAIN™). This network is a small group of PT Clinics that are designated as Centers of Athletic Excellence™ where I work closely with their staff on programs to offer the highest level of Athletic Enhancement Programs. The emphasis is on quality coaching and teaching, not on palatial structures.


At 3/7/07, 9:27 PM, Anonymous tlanger said...

That's a really cool concept; so, why only PT clinics? Seriously, there would likely be a market for fitness/athletic trainers who work with corrective exercise through sports performance...

Todd Langer


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