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No hype, no guruism here, just great information presented in a useful manner. Jack Blatherwick Ph.D has an outstanding web site that is full of great resources http://www.overspeed.org/ Jack is the physiologist for the Washington Capitols in the NHL. He has served in the same capacity for numerous NHL and American Olympic teams in hockey. I have been following Jack’s work since 1986. He certainly has challenged conventional wisdom in the Hockey world, but his ideas and methods transcend hockey. Jack makes me think and his ideas challenge me when I think I have it figured out. Go to the web site and read the articles he has posted there. His concept called “Think outside the barrel” resonated with me in this over robotic drill oriented world we live in. Jack, thanks for all your hard work and dedication your are an unsung hero in the whole athletic development field.


At 3/17/07, 12:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's a great day for hockey"

Laura Stamm power skating coach wrote a great article on Hockey Training for Different Age Groups.

She acknowledges Mr. Blatherwick for his insights. This article is a must read for all.

Tim Sullivan PES

At 3/17/07, 6:45 PM, Blogger jbeyle said...

What an inspiration! Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing this.


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