Yesterday I went to get a sandwich at an Italian Deli in Downtown Sarasota. The service there sucks, but I like their prosciutto. Yesterday was the worst I have seen. They get the Northwest Airlines award for terrible service. Not only did you have to wait forever to order. I was the only one waiting, but then when I went to pay the lady behind the counter said she could not take my money because she did “do the register.” I think their motto ought to be “Where the customer is an imposition.” Why this post – everything we do if we work in the public realm is about service and pleasing the customer. I was not asking for anything special, just common courtesy. Unfortunately I am seeing this lack of service and consideration for the customer more and more.


At 3/19/07, 11:55 AM, Anonymous TLANGER said...

I had Chinese food delivered at lunchtime Friday and the total was $12 (tax included) for 2 specials; so, I give the delivery guy $20 and ask for $4 back or in other words a $2 tip per plate. Instead of being happy with $4 in total on a $12 order he tells me he has no change! Yes, a delivery man who can't break a $20 and actually expected an $8 tip on a $12 order...maybe I'm out of touch, but NO WAY!


At 3/20/07, 4:26 PM, Anonymous pmchugh said...

Vern, they've got you, though, because they have something you want -- Good Prosciutto. How many places in Sarasota Florida have that.


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