Big Strong Guys Flipping Tires

Bigger...Faster...Stronger. Vern we need to flip those huge tires so we can become better athletes! Look at those guys on ESPN, strong man contest. They are HUGE...STRONG...FAST....now those guys are athletes!!!

In response to this, I am not sure if it was serious or in jest so I will answer it like it was a serous comment. Strongman competition is a sport unto itself. In football think of the time needed to express force. It seldom exceeds 1 to 2 seconds. That is how long you have to deliver a blow and most of the time it is a one time effort. Consider how long it takes to develop maximum strength. Give those considerations where would you put tire flipping in an American football players program? Would it be viable to use for every position? It keeps coming back to context. What is the context of the drill or exercise? Where and how does it fit into the bigger picture? Just because it is hard does not mean it will transfer. Getting strong is easier than learning how to apply the strength. If tire flipping helps to apply the strength to the game – then go for it! Ultimately though more tire flipping makes you a better tire flipper!


At 3/29/07, 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what position might 'tire flipping' be appropriate for in your opion Vern?

What you are saying makes a lot of sense!

At 3/29/07, 9:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monkey see...monkey doo-doo.

If the context of the drill is for team morale boost...camaraderie among the athletes, then there are no problems with it doing the drill to make the athletes throwing up their lunch. Unfortunately, some strength gurus out there still think it is sport “specific” strength conditioning for football players.

Thank you for posting the picture Vern, it gives me an idea….NASCAR…the PIT CREW.


At 8/16/07, 9:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am female 53 years old and my personal trainer has me flipping tires. a year ago my doctor told me I was a candidate for knee surgery on both kness and now I am pain free. I can bench press 120 and deadlift 225 in the raw and I am learning how to squat with some weight on the bar. I think it is great for my general physical preparedness so I don't get hurt and it's fun!


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