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I will be doing a presentation at the NSCA Convention in Atlanta this July. The title of the presentation is: “Everything Old is new again – Defining the Field. I want this to be the presentation I have ever given, in order to do that I need your help. Any ideas or input on the evolution of strength and conditioning, the present state and where it is gong would be appreciated. Full credit will be given for any ideas used. This talk must not be limited by my experience. My assumption is that this field (whatever it is crying out for definition) I am going to do my utmost best to define this field as Athletic Development. You may think everything is fine and we do not need to define the field, great, let me know why. I plan on starting in the present to see where we are, then look at a historical context and finish with concrete recommendation on where we need to go. Some people have asked my why I want to do this? The answer is simple; I have a passion for coaching and training. What I see out there today upsets me. People are hurting athletes by what they are doing and what they are not doing. Someone has to step up and take the lead and the flak that will come along with it. I am willing to do that if it helps to move Athletic Development forward as a viable field worthy of professional recognition. I am tired of people, sport coaches included asking me what I do? Then they proceed to tell me about an infomercial they saw on TV or what personal trainer told their wife at the gym. I have invested a lifetime in learning and seeking constant improvement, to help define the field that work in is the least I can do at this time in my career. However, I do need your help. Please send me any ideas or thoughts to gambettasports@hotmail.com. My new book was intended to be the start of the process of defining the field, but that is only a start.


At 4/9/07, 10:03 AM, Anonymous Gerard said...

I completely agree with you Mr. Gambetta. I think the problem starts very early on in the careers of the young athletes and just continues on from there. I think the problem has to be stopped at the High School level where the young athletes get their first real training experience. but its a joke! Most High schools, even the ones with so called great athletic programs, have coaches and trainers with absolutely nothing to offer in the way of athletics or training knowledge or ability. no are they interested in seeking out the infomation. The correct information! They bring nothing but ego to the table. These are the men\women training and advising our young athletes. The young athlete out of respect and/or desire of making and playing on the team or sport, listen and begin to believe in these false and misinformed training methods. Not to mention the gym trainers or sports specific trainers that hold all these pretty certifications you spoke of., they are embarrassing to see and really are the ones bringing shame to the profession. So the young athlete goes from being misinformed to being robbed. I have a friend that you have met, that pays 15k a year for the training of his 14 year old in addition had to sign a contract to give 1% of signing bonus if he gets signed (baseball) for every year that he has worked with him. He has been working with him for 1 year now and I'll just say that you were not very happy with what you saw from the young athlete. That is the shame being brought to this profession by its members. I wish you Mr. Gambetta, many more years of health and energy to so that can try to clean up this profession before you retire. Thank you for being to to your love.


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