Random Thoughts

No particular order or reason for these brain cramps. Just some stuff I have been thinking about.

  • Kids should play and adults should train
  • Plyometric are Ok for kids as long is there is no adults telling them what to do. Jumping, hopping and bounding are natural. Let them play at it.
  • Same with strength training for kids, let them climb, pull and push, just don’t organize and see how much they can lift. In fact do not let them in the weight room, give them rocks, trees, tires and medicine balls and go for it!
  • Olympic style weight lifters are good athletes who are skilled in a very narrow of skill. They get very explosive, but if that explosiveness always transferred why don’t we see eight weight lifters line up for the final of the 100 meters.
  • Have you ever seen a world class 5,000 meter runner run a fast 1,000 meters with a training flat on one foot and a spike on the other foot? I have, you talk about stupid stuff!
  • Typical advice – Don’t work too hard you might get hurt. Then they get hurt because they did not work hard enough.
  • Michael Phelps attributed his recent success to weight training and plyometric. Great, now we will see every age group swimmer in the US weight training and doing plyometrics with no idea. Monkey, monkey do!
  • Training is not an all you can eat buffet, it is gourmet meal carefully prepared so all the ingredients’ are planned and blended into a fine dinning experience.


At 4/8/07, 12:42 PM, Anonymous S. Sall said...


thanks for expressing your "brain cramps." I for one find them to more useful to me than a cramp. So keep laying off the potassium or stay dehydrated or whatever it is that is causing your "cramps" because, for this guy at least, they're golden!

S. Sall


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