The Secret

After all this thinking and writing about coaching and defining a field I decided to call Joe Vigil yesterday. I realized I had not spoken to him in a while and wanted to see how he was doing. Man did that call get me fired up, Joe has to be one of the most amazing and inspiring individuals I have ever met. Joe is in his mid to late seventies but you would never know it. He is just as fired up as when I first met him twenty five years ago. The more I spoke to him, the more I realized that he knows the secret. The secret is passion. He has passion for coaching, learning and teaching that rates a 12.5 on a 10.0 scale. He gets up every morning at 4:30 Am to do 90 minutes of reading for professional advancement. This is a guy with a PhD and several masters’ degrees; he has forgotten more than most of us know and he is reading for professional advancement. Passion that is the answer, it is the secret. People like Joe are a prized resource. He has never gotten the respect and adulation he deserves. I know I would not anywhere that I am today without Joe Vigils help and advice. The formula is KNOWLEDGE + INTERGITY + PASSION


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