This question was asked: Who would be on your short list of acceptable mentors? It does not have to be a short list. I recommend you find people who are doing what you ant to do and seek them out. It does not have to be formal. Sometimes an occasional conversation is all that is necessary to get you on the right track. Respect their time. It is not about letters or being high profile. Some of the best mentors I have had and continue to have are people no one has heard of. To me it is about sharing and expanding the knowledge base. I have a whole list of people that I want to contact and exchange ideas with. Incidentally they transcend the field of Athletic development. I definitely think you MUST go outside your chosen field to improve.


At 4/12/07, 4:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keith Handling of University of Delaware.
Bill Cimochowski...Toms River football & track coach
Ed Heffernan...Toms River track & field coach
Not to forget...Vern Gambetta


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