Tommy Smith Protest & Racism in Sport

I received this response to my post this morning on Peter Norman and the protest in Mexico City.

You must be joking! The raising of those black fists did change sports
forever alright. It brought racism into the arena. It was a disgusting example of the very thing blacks continue to cry about...it's all about me!!!!!!!!!!

No I am not joking this was about racism, this was about fundamental human right. Racism was already in the sports arena and it is still there. I do not agree with the culture of me, but that has nothing to do with race and a lot to do with society. I was a finalist for a coaching job along with Tommy Smith, he got the job and I did not. He got the job because he was a better candidate for the position, not be cause he was black. This kind of thinking offends me, they sacrificed to do what they did. I do not agree with all their view points and methodology but they raised the level of awareness. Like I said in the earlier post if you saw where Tommy Smith grew up and how hard he worked in the fields as a kid you would think a little different. I do not think he thought the world owed him a living; he earned everything he got including the right to protest. No I am not kidding; this changed the world of sport, hopefully for the better. 39 years later the jury is still out!


At 10/4/06, 3:38 PM, Blogger Joe P. said...

Let's face it, we wouldn't even be having this forum if not for the Black athlete. I remember the days when Pro football players would be sitting in the locker room before games smoking cigarettes while getting taped! The emergence of the Black athlete raised the bar for all of us, and the reason for the topic of performance enhancement in the first place.

At 10/4/06, 9:12 PM, Anonymous pmchugh said...

I recommend this anonymous poster read Kenny Moore's book Bowerman and the Men of Oregon. It had an excellent description of the times and the people who were involved in this act.

At 10/5/06, 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe , not sure I understand your comment. We owe performance enhancement to ...the black athlete?

At 10/5/06, 9:32 AM, Blogger Joe P. said...

Just look at baseball anonymous. The black athlete was segregated and had to form "The Negro League". And I guess the Cubans were not really Black & not really White, so they had to form their own separate league. The White athlete was institutionally insulated from competition. Hitler thought he had the right idea in the 1930's with his eugenically inspired master Aryan race and anabolic steroids- until they got a slap in the face from Jesse Owens. Did the Black athlete simply have god given talent, or did they have more obstacles to over come and wanted it more? Who cares. The bar has was raised.

At 10/6/06, 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another good post Joe.That Olympic picture has bothered me for many years. Until recently, I never took the time to learn about the circumstances, till Vern and you guys responded. I have been doing nothing but reading about Tommy Smith & John Carlos since, in an attempt to better understand, instead of rushing to judgement like I did. I can see your point of view and Verns... and I can tell you it has changed me . I guess thats the reason I read this blog...cause I get EDUCATED! My apologies Vern, and thanks.


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