England Wrap-up

It was a very enjoyable, educational and uplifting four days. It was exciting because Cricket is an old traditional sport with a rich tradition, but no culture of training. Now that it is professional, the English Cricket Board is working hard to establish a culture of training based on applied sport science and practical
coaching experience. The second of the conference was especially enjoyable because I got to listen more and not talk as much. There was a very good presentation on Nutrition by the Doctor Adam Carey who does the nutrition for English Rugby. It was very informative and common sense, not a bunch of mum
bo jumbo. Nino Serviano presented a great demonstration on footwork and movement in the afternoon, it really opened my eyes. Sam Bradley, Lancashire Cricket Club presented a good case study of a season of training in cricket. This is the type of conference we need more of in the US. It was small 25 – 30 people. There was a real good mix of coaches, phyios and sport scientists. Good format for dialog and learning. I want to thank Richard Smith again for organizing all of this and inviting me to attend. (That is Richard in the picture with me on the left) This is something I hope to do here in the US when I can get the time and sponsorship.


At 10/4/06, 3:10 AM, Anonymous harrowdrive said...

You hit the nial on the head when you said cricketers have never really trained. They say Shane Warnes idea of a balanced diet is a cheeseburger in each hand after all...

I'm an ECB coach myself, and it's even more of a stuggle at the local amateur level to encorage the idea that fitness = better performance.

I can see the bad habits of this generation already being passed on to the next.


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