English Rugby Practice

was really fun to watch other professionals work. I got to watch the first 45 minutes of practice including warm-up with the English National Rugby squad. Dave Reddin (On the right) did the warm-up, while his assistant Calvin Morriss (left) testing the player’s urine samples from that morning to test for dehydration. I guarantee you there is no American pro football team that are doing what these guys are doing. Actually that is the case for rugby, it is quite a progressive sport with many teams emphasizing cutting edge applied sport science. Dave tailor each warm-up to the technical or tactical session that will follow. He is part of the coaching staff, not an afterthought. Calvin has a PhD in biomechanics. What a staff! It was educational and inspirational just being around them.


At 9/28/06, 3:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Up for giving us a few of their warmup exercises?


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