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I think some of you have misunderstood my posts on this. Everyone must make a living, my self included. What concerns me is when the motive is pure and simply money. You cannot get the spectacular results these people claim in the time frames they propose you train in. The focus is not on quality teaching and coaching, it is on $$$$$. More kids, more money. I also have been a junior high school and college coach. In my day we were no so entrepreneurial to charge kids for summer camps, that was just considered part of the job. Today you have to because of funding cutbacks I understand that. I want to see these young guys focus on learning to be better coaches. Too many of them put the $$$$ first instead of learning to be quality coaches. Just attending one seminar and going to a workshop on how to make money running speed camps does not make you a coach, much less a good coach.


At 9/20/06, 10:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with your post today. However, there are products out there as coaching resources to give them a framework to run a better business, especially if they are already 'good' coaches.

Take your material that you provide. You hope the good coaches make use of it to improve their programs but you cannot control if poor coaches do as well.

I think that is where this series of posts is misunderstood.

I know of coaches that have used the one mentioned with great success.

On a different note, what about these college coaches and there summer camps! Here is a point:

-R. Barnes makes over half a million on summer camps.

-A. Dorrance makes close to $500,000 a year on his camps

-The UNC Men's Basketball camp is a huge revenue generator. In fact, this year you could not even get a picture with the head coach. You took a picture on a green screen around a doll and then they photo imposed it on the back end. This is where I have issues for these kids!

Thanks Vern!


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