Frankie Andreu

I admire Frankie Andreu for speaking out and owning up to his use of EPO. As best I can tell his motives were clear, it was to help the sport of cycling by coming clean. In every sport there is an unwritten rule that to speak up is to “throw your teammates under the bus”. How absurd, how will we stop this if the athletes and coaches themselves do not start to speak out? Everyone is afraid to speak out. If you do you get threatened by a lawsuit like Lance Armstrong did with Andreu. If Lance Armstrong has nothing to hide why does he always bring out the big gun lawyers every time someone even hints at drug use around him? That is the problem; the big time athletes and their sponsors can hire expensive lawyers and stonewall the system and bury the little guys who know what is going on. I know personally I have seen a lot and if it were not for legal constraints I certainly would like to speak up even more specifically about things I have seen. Unfortunately I can’t afford a million dollar lawyer. Meanwhile the cheating goes on!


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