Unstable Surfaces & Training

In the latest Journal of Strength And Conditioning Research, Volume 20, Number 3, August 200 there is a review written by David G. Behm and Kenneth G. Sanderson titled “The Role of Instability With resistance Training” It is a good review of the scientific research. From a practical, experiential perspective the latest issue of Training and Conditioning magazine (momnentummedia.com) September 2006, Volume XVI, Number 6, has I article that I wrote called ‘In Search of Instability” (That is instability in training surfaces not mental instability!)


At 9/13/06, 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the article. I just got done working with a 500lb athlete walking barefoot on a 50ft cable 30ft in the air.

While balance training is addressed each training session, I am still not sold on the wobble stuff as the focus of daily balance.

Always enjoy your ideas!


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