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Listen I am not against someone making money. I am against people getting ripped off. These guys selling these programs are NOT concerned about quality instruction. They are businessmen not coaches. We all need to make a living, yours truly included. Look at the previous post this morning on in season training. I guarantee this will end up being copied “adapted” and be on a for pay as someone’s magic six work week program to a DI scholarship. I am for sound teaching methodology and getting back to coaching not selling!


At 9/19/06, 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont understand. A great coach has a great plan. Money, Family, Teams, Training. A great coach should never have to worry about his next gallon of milk$ I feel great coaches trying to make a buck supporting bootcamp like clincs, is like Bill Belichick coaching arena football in his off season. There is no need for it.

At 9/19/06, 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So do you consider yourself a great coach and therefore have no 'life' issues? You make it seem as if a great coach is entitled to a certain lifestyle.

I completely disagree with your comments. There are plenty of 'GREAT' coaches who also teach elementary school, middle school or high school (including myself at one time) making just enough money to live a somewhat comfortable life.

These 'great coaches' offer summer camps to supplement the lack of income the state pays so they can afford the life they deserve. They also dramatically impact young athletes lives and help cause their success later in life.

Just because a coach has a great plan doesn't mean dirt. Great coaches have great contingency plans too!

At 9/21/06, 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you. I got it.
I consider myself someone with the background,resources and desire to become a great coach.

I believe lifestyle is a choice, Im investing in real estate to make money .
I am coaching- to give more and and take-less.


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