Eat Your Spinach

I distinctly remember my mom telling to eat my spinach or I could not go out and play. Now you don’t dare eat spinach. What would Popeye do? I live in Sarasota, Florida on the gulf coast, beautiful beaches and warm water. I can’t go in water anymore because of Red Tide. I can’t take ibuprofen anymore because it will lower my testosterone levels, God forbid that should happen for an old fart like me. A few years a go we were told to eat more fish, but now we can’t eat too much fish because of high mercury levels. What’s going here? Is life dangerous for your health?


At 9/20/06, 3:56 PM, Anonymous Sandy said...

i listened with great interest this
morning on sirius. who was the
author (who had something to do with
nike that helped you on your path.
what was the name of his book?
Sandy Levine

At 9/20/06, 5:12 PM, Blogger Good Guy said...

Good stuff.

Best Regards, Testosterone Friend


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