Students learn hipper ways to get fit

That was the heading of an article in our local paper. The main goals were to get the “more sophisticated” students of today excited bout taking PE because it is no longer required after sixth grade. They took away the requirement to allow more time to prepare for the FCAT test, another standardized test instituted by another Bush to test academic performance. The gist of the article is that the curriculum has been redesigned to offer activities the students actually want to do. I have no problem with revising the curriculum, and getting away from the old roll out the ball methods, but I do have a problem catering to the kids. We are supposed to know better. We should be able to put together a curriculum that challenges them and is required.

The article cited some real good statistics:

Ø Nine out of ten middle school children are sedentary for three or more hours a day.

Ø Less than one in ten middle schools require the suggested 225 minutes of exercise per week.

Ø More than 9 million children ages 6 to 19 are overweight, triple the number in 1980.

Ø 88 percent of the schools that require P.E. teach group or team activities.

Clearly there is a need for action now!


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